About/Contact Laura

Welcome to my web portfolio. This space is a platform for sharing thoughts and ideas that influence my paintings. If you don’t care about those thoughts and ideas, I hope you will enjoy taking a look at the paintings in the Portfolio section of the site. To see the work in person, please visit Justus Fine Art in Hot Springs, AR, Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock, AR, or Princess Street Gallery on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

As a recent graduate student, I have been in an exploratory mode for several years and sometimes feel overwhelmed with potential subject matter, themes and compositions. As a lover of literature, music, art, poetry, philosophy, social issues, cultural patterns and behavior, and all the amazing and strange things humans do, I find an abundance of material to serve as inspiration.

My thoughts, and therefore artwork, gravitate toward a handful of complex themes, which I strive to distill into thought-provoking images. One theme is the idea of passing time and the ever-changing state of all people, places and things. Another thought behind the work is based on the idea that we all see ourselves differently than others see us and that we are each a collection of images and views rather than any person having one “true” self.

The human figures in my work, as well as the manmade structures, are partial images or aDSC_0531re altered some way in an abstracted space. The contrast between representation of the figure and abstraction of the space allows me to forge meaning in what normally could be perceived as an ordinary or mundane image. This process elevates the mundane and allows me to appreciate the simple tasks, movements and actions of everyday life.



3 thoughts on “About/Contact Laura

  1. Sandy Newberg

    I am so enjoying your posts and reliving my visit to Italy. This is such a wonderful experience for you, thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Laura Post author

      Sandy, thank you for your sweet message! I hope we get to see each other soon and I’ve loved seeing that your work is at White Goat!


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