Ups and Downs in the Mountains

Today there were ups and downs. I’m gonna get real here. This experience is incredible, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but there are moments when sadness fills me up and I wonder how long is too long without seeing friends, family, and being able to communicate with anyone. I am the type of person who enjoys being alone and tends to not feel lonely. But a bit of loneliness is creeping in at the seams which is hard. Writing notes about the experiences staves off the isolation quite well, and turning those notes into blog material has probably helped more that I anticipated (which might explain the increasing loquaciousness of the blog entries!)

It is always very difficult to sent our girls to camp for a month and the feelings I have now are similar to what I feel every summer. But being so far away is compounding the longing, which I was afraid might happen. I depart soon for the Artist Residency and am hoping some artists there speak English…I’ll keep you posted.

So, to perk up a bit, I’ll write about the “ups” of the day:
imageVilla Cimbrone. It only took two seconds for me to realize upon entry why exactly C East had so many stars by “Villa Cimbrone” in her Italy notes. Pictures can not capture the magic – this one to the right shows an old well and Ancient Roman columns that were carved in the imageMiddle Ages. After lunch in town, I returned to Villa Cimbrone to do some sketching.





It was just too pretty to stay away. Plus, I decided to postpone a longer hike I had planned due to the heat. After showering, I again splurged on the Revello Music Festival concert, then people watched, stumbled upon an inspiring organ concert in one of the churches, and went to bed. OH I ALMOST FORGOT! Between the poetic Argentinian themed concert and the lovely organ church concert, I happened upon a HUGE FIGHT!!! I mean these two people were sca-reaming at each other right outside the Villa Rufalo as I exited concert. I wish I understood what was going on. An police officer had to intercept them! And I’m not talking about two rough dudes. It was a woman, dressed up beautifully (of course!) with a large clock around her neck (you see how I am living in a state of confusion, yes?) and the man – a rotund chef (the people here are lithe due to hiking like mountain goats daily so it struck me as an even stranger sight seeing the portly chef guy). I thought maybe they were street performers at first, they were so vocal and dramatic – the fighting was lyrical and rhythmic which makes sense – as their talking is lyrical and rhythmic compared to English. I wish I could post videos and I would show you a snippet.

PS For friends who are afraid I am taking things too seriously, here is proof that I’ve really cut loose!!! A Coke! 🙂image

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