Final moments in Venice

A few comments about the accommodations in Venice. Through the single room was small, it provided exactly what I needed and left nothing to desire. The sheets were impeccable, comfortable and in good condition. There was an extra pillow in a small closet that, despite its size, was plenty big for hanging and storing clothes. Also in the closet was a good size safe. The bathroom was large and as modern and clean as any bathroom I’ve seen and the shower was superb. Great temps and water pressure. The air conditioning worked well, thank goodness, as the weather is much like little rock, hot and humid. I thought people would dress conservatively, but I was wrong, lots of cleavage and even the short shorts – and not on Americans. Speaking of, I’ve met a couple of native English speakers but not many at all. I’ve noticed more Canadians than Americans it seems.

Anyway, back on the  CENTRO CULTURALE DON ORIONE ARTIGIANELLI Religious house. Fantastic.

It was tough to wake this morning because it felt like 2 am when my alarm went of at 8 am. Breakfast was included and was delicious yogurt with some pastries and cereals. And the best coffee ever. I even had a cup of the chocolate drink which is like coffee but is chocolate instead (I know, this sounds like hot chocolate, but was different). I was then able to check out, store my luggage, and walk to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Thank goodness I did not skip this slice of heaven! I do wish I’d spent more time there but I got nervous about getting to the train station so I rushed a little bit. Much to my surprise and delight, as soon as I entered the courtyard, I noticed a sign that said, Nasher Sculpture garden. Same family as the museums we visited in Dallas! The collection was amazing because the building still feels like a home, with incredible pieces tucked in every space and wall. Rothko, Kandinsky, Pollock, Dali, Picasso, Braque, Clemente, Twombly, the list goes on and on and I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time, looking quite like a goofball, I’m sure.

imageI’m now on a train departing the Venice train station after a rather arduous water taxi to Ferrovia to catch the train. I didn’t know they would allow so many people on one boat and was afraid we would tip or sink. Anyway, I muddled my way through the train station in a bit of a panic forgetting that my train ultimately goes to Rome, so I was erroneously looking for the train to Florence instead. Finally, a only slightly annoyed woman in a perfume store set me straight and I hopped right on.

Oh, and a big shout out to the Reinholds!!! Your goody bag has rescued me many times. There is a man on the train near me with a gnarly cough. Emergen-C to the rescue! Molte grazie!


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