A Dreamy Day

For the next three weeks, my blog will be dedicated to an Italian adventure where I plan to see the art I’ve admired from afar since childhood as well as participate in an Artist Residency. Every couple of days, I’ll post an update for friends, family, and anyone who is interested. So here it goes!

I’ve dreamed if visiting Italy for years, which makes the first stop – Venice – perfectly appropriate. Everything about Venice is like a dream and I’ve floated around today in and out of mazes, bridges, cavernous pathways, inviting Campos and gleaming Piazzas. The only reminder that is is not a dream is my tired feet.

imageAfter hearing a variety of reactions to Venice, I did expect more grit and odor. But I’ve been delighted to experience nothing but gleaming, though sometimes showing wear and tear, neighborhoods and sites. Just like other visitors, I’ve found surprising encounters with masterpieces in every church. There are beautiful flowers everywhere, and the gelato. I’ve never seen so much gelato.image

Speaking of which, I wasted no time in sampling a bit at lunchtime. Those who know me, might wonder how gelato fits into my recent “no sugar” effort. Let me say this, coming to Italy as a non drinker is one thing. It might sound like madness to pass on the wine in what is considered vino paradise for many. But, for me, skipping gelato would be downright lunacy.

Another reminder that, while Venice is certainly full of tourists, there are real people who make a life here, and who apparently go too Zumba classes at the local gym. I took this pic for you, Krissa.  I suppose you could get a job almost anywhere!image

It is hard to pick, but I’ll mention a few favorites from my brief time here: the Accademia is a must see. Ditto for the Doge’s Palace. Regardless of your taste in or knowledge of art, the details, furniture, views, architecture and sculpture is a feast for the eyes and mind. The sculpture, history and details in the Frair Church are almost too much to take in…I came out gasping for air simply due to the mind boggling amount of art.  Of all the Campos, I found Campo Santa Margarita to be the most inviting and entertaining. Perhaps it was because it was dinner time and especially festive. Perhaps it was because the sun was setting and the light and temp were just right. Or perhaps it was that homemade gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce I gleefully inhaled.  Like I said, it is hard to pick favorites.  I’ll stop here – tomorrow off to Peggy Guggenheim’s place and then ciao Venice, buongiorno Florence.

PS, Jackie and Ellis, look what made it to Italy! And, yes, the room looks Spartan, but it is not! Absolutely perfect location, peaceful and modern, and comfortable. I’ll tell you about it if you want the info.


3 thoughts on “A Dreamy Day

  1. Terri Bonner

    Hooray Laura! I knew it wouldn’t take you long to enmesh yourself into the abundant culture of Venice. I am so happy you are allowing yourself to savor the foods of Italy. Thank you for your blog, I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear about your next adventure.

  2. Cynthia East

    Wa, so glad to be in your pocket in Italy! I want you to write every day. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Peggy Guggenheim. What a delightful kook. Go for it every minute! C


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